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How To Tighten Skin All Over Your Body – The Best Solution

9 May

One of the most asked questions that we get is how to tighten loose skin all over your body. We are not just talkiing about saggy skin on your face but mainly about the loose skin on your stomach, arms, under your arms, neck, thighs, even your knees and elbows.

Since 1998 we have been working with over 300 different types of cosmetic products! During this time we have found out some pretty extraoridnary things about ingredients and the actual spa treatments. We found out what works and what does not when it comes to anti aging, skin sagging, inch loss and weight loss, wrinkles, spots etc.

What Treatments Work Best On Sagging Skin?
There are two ways to approach skin that needs a lift. One is to use peptides, hyaluronic acid and other collagen forming and producing ingredients in lotions and creams. These creams can be effective. It depends on the amount of the active ingredients that are used. If the manufacturer skimps on ingredients then the product is sure to be less effective. A good body skin firming cream or lotion needs very specific peptides, omegas, hyaluronic acid and other collagen 2 forming ingredients.

The 2nd Approach is to detoxify the skin and use very specific clays and muds! These muds not only pull the toxins that damage skin and cause sag but it also has serious skin firming properties. Rhassoul clay is one of the top skin firming agents available.

What Causes This Saggy or Loose Skin?
Damage to the skin through carcinogens, less production of collagen and elastin, stretching of skin through pregnancy or weight gain. Anti oxidant damage can cause serious skin sagĀ and is one of the main reasons that your neck, face, elbow, knees and other areas.

Can It Be Tightened Without Surgery or Expensive Procedures?
Definitely, we reccomend the Body Wraps for the advantages that you get through massive detoxification. Very few products or remedies on the product can pull the damaging toxins from your skin likeĀ  a body wrap can. The results can actually really amaze you after just a few treatments. We storngly suggest the wrap home kit! We also recommend a high penetrating, collagen and elastin forming, peptide and omega cream just for the body. These can be hard to find at a decent price. Many companies want upwards of $90. The absolute best cream that we know if only $28.

Tips, Tricks and Remedies For Loose Neck Skin
If you have never done a spot specific wrap on your neck then make sure that you do. The results are typically nothing less than amazing with regards to less skin sag, less fat and more vibrant skin tone. You should buy the regular body wrap kit and then just apply it in spot specific areas such as the neck if you are wanting to tighten neck skin or double chin.